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Clients: Mike Hardson
Category: Portfolio
Date: 03/01/2023
Value: 10000 USD

CRM website for contractors

CRM is the ultimate solution for contractors who want to streamline their workflow, increase efficiency, and boost their bottom line. With features such as lead management, project management, scheduling, and invoicing, our CRM system is the all-in-one tool you need to take your contracting business to the next level.

The Challenge of Project

Develop a comprehensive solution that caters to contractors’ needs by simplifying communication and enhancing team management. This platform will encompass various aspects of their business, including customer relations, scheduling, lead acquisition, job management, and payment processing. It will serve as a centralized location for contractors to efficiently track and update all company information.


  • Easily create, edit, and manage companies. Additionally, the superadmin has the authority to switch a company’s status from pending to approved.

  • From the superadmin menu, have the capability to configure and create company roles and subroles. Additionally, edit and modify them as needed.

  • From the Contractor menu, have access to a Kanban board, which is a project management tool that visually represents work items and their status as they move through different stages of a process.

  • Once a company has registered on the website, its account is on trial for the first 14 days. If a plan is not purchased during this time, the account will be suspended.

  • By navigating to the contractor’s account menu, you can access the company contacts. Once created, these contacts can be linked to various items such as tasks, activities, and documents.